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Super Mario World

Super Mario World (SNES)

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Super Mario World (SNES) Super Mario World (SNES) Super Mario World (SNES) Super Mario World (SNES) Super Mario World (SNES) Super Mario World (SNES) Super Mario World (SNES)
Super Mario World (SNES)

Super Mario World

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Super Mario World Review by davejuk (24 Feb 2010) An absolute must have!

Super Mario World was one of the flagship titles on the SNES. Showcasing the visual and audio advances of the 16 bit system, its vibrant colors and jaunty music are both iconic of the era, and still pleasing to this day.

The game expands on the platforming tradition of previous Mario games, with a vast overworld map, multiple paths through its levels, and abundant hidden secrets. This complexity gives the game amazing replay value, and gives every player a very personal experience.

The monotony of usual platformers is washed away with the game's vast array of powerups, giving players the ability to clear levels in unique ways. From the cape feather, allowing flight, to the introduction of Yoshi, the rideable dinosaur, the experience is wild, unpredictable, and fun.

Mario World's tight controls give players the ability to explore the world with precision and ease, taking the familiar control set and refining them to perfection.

Overall, Super Mario World is one of the finest platform games ever produced, and a shining example of the Mario franchise.

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