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Alien 3

Alien 3 (SNES)

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Alien 3 (SNES) Alien 3 (SNES) Alien 3 (SNES) Alien 3 (SNES) Alien 3 (SNES) Alien 3 (SNES) Alien 3 (SNES) Alien 3 (SNES)
Alien 3 (SNES)

Alien 3

Region: PAL British Flag
Description: One of LJNs better movie based games. Cart only. Edit
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Game Description by davejuk (25 May 2007) An absolute must have!

As in the movie, Ripley is in the cryogenic chamber aboard the spaceship Sulaco when a fire breaks out and she is placed in an escape pod which is fired out into space. She crash lands on the planet Florina "Fury" 161, a planet housing a maximum security prison.

Unfortunately, and perhaps rather predictably, she has brought an alien with her. In the film it's just the one alien but the SNES game is absolutely crawling with them.

Alien 3 for the Super Nintendo is very different to the Sega and other versions of the game. It's made up of six stages, each with a series of about half a dozen missions. Missions range from rescuing prisoners, repairing pipes, fuses, and junction boxes, to welding doors shut and destroying alien eggs. YOur ultimate goal is to destroy the queen alien, which prompts a nice cut-scene for the end of the game.

You can complete missions in any order you like within a stage. You receive your mission briefing through computer terminals in central locations throughout the stage. As well as receiving your briefing, you can also examine blueprints so you can find the best way to get to the target area.

There are loads of different enemies to kill and each enemy comes in a few different "flavors", each getting progressively harder throughout the game. You start the game with a pulse rifle, grenade launcher, and flame thrower. The flame thrower can be upgraded with more powerful (red, blue, and green) fuel and you can replenish your health by picking up med kits.

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