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Act Raiser 2

Act Raiser 2 (SNES)

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Act Raiser 2 (SNES) Act Raiser 2 (SNES) Act Raiser 2 (SNES) Act Raiser 2 (SNES) Act Raiser 2 (SNES) Act Raiser 2 (SNES) Act Raiser 2 (SNES) Act Raiser 2 (SNES)
Act Raiser 2 (SNES)

Act Raiser 2

Region: US US Flag
Description: Cart only. Very original and extremely popular strategy/action game where you play God. Edit
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Game Description by davejuk (25 May 2007) An absolute must have!

Again, as in the original, the player controls "The Master," a god-like spirit sent down from the heavens to fight and eradicate evil from the land. However unlike the original, this game focuses entirely on the side-scrolling action and has 14 levels with new monsters, new abilities, and new super powers.

You still control a "Cloud Palace&quot with a map of the world which can be scrolled around to choose your next area of battle. In addition, many of the sound effects from the original game make an appearance, as well as some hidden RPG elements.

In addition to the elimination of the Simcity/Populous building element, changes from the original Actraiser also include a move from a battery save to a password save system, and all new music.

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